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Yoga for Anxiety

Join Julie as she shares her struggle with anxiety, how yoga transformed daily life, and learn the poses and breathing techniques to help control anxiety in your life.

Workshop Price Includes:
Month of unlimited yoga for September
Book, "Yoga for Emotional Balance".
Four, 90 minute, Yoga for Anxiety Classes taught Monday nights from 7pm-8:30pm.

Dates: September 4, 11, 18, 25



Join teachers Jen Carr & Hilary Keim as they explore the world of the Chakras - energy centers of the subtle body.  Chakras are not physical organs but part of our Chakras are not physical organs but part of our consciousness, the link between our physical and spiritual bodies.


This workshop will use the practice of Yin yoga, coupled with aromatherapy, to clean and nourish the seven chakras. As a result, energy will flow more freely throughout the body, and the body, mind, and spirit will feel more balanced and at peace.


Friday, September 29th, 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Admission - $35 for Non-Shine Members, $25 for Shine Unlimited Pass Holders

Social Namaste - Spread Love Not Hate

Spread love, not hate - Join Ashalome and embark on a transformational journey in creating a “politics of love”. 


Don’t lose faith in humanity yet, instead engage yourself on a higher level, and take your world, our world out of the smog of hate, and into an age of love. After attending the Sister Giant Conference in Washington DC, Ashalome was inspired to bring this light back home!  As our country experiences a “spiritual crisis”, you are the solution! Throughout this year-long course We will explore how a thought takes a journey from the mind to the heart, and remove fear through spiritual practices.  Learn how to harness love for politics, forgiveness for yourself and others, as well as crafting new personal goals to promote love and compassion in our world so we can better serve the planet during this critical time. 


Participants in the Social Namaste Program will meet collectively once a quarter for 2 hours.  Ashalome will meet with each individual once during that quarter for 1:1 coaching prior to returning to the group in the next quarter to share how our plans are becoming reality, and what we all can do to help support one another on this journey. 


$150/pp includes the 4 classes over the course of the year, as well as 4 1:1 hour long sessions with Ashalome. Questions?  Email Ashalome at


Thursday, October 12th at Shine Yoga.  Click here to register & Pay!