Nutrition Services, Lisa Desilet

One-time Consultation

 New clients of Shine Yoga Collective will be given basic nutritional information upon sign-up (provided by Lisa Desilet, MS). All clients will be offered access to an introductory nutrition webinar hosted monthly. Upon completion of a webinar, clients will receive a one- time consultation of 30-min. for a personalized session evaluating current nutritional habits, providing individual dietary recommendations, & identifying potential deficiencies. Clients will receive guidance on daily caloric intake, tracking meals, and programming macronutrient needs. All clients will leave with a basic nutrition plan based on individual goals. 

* Consultation by appointment only.

Individual Nutrition Program

This individual nutrition program includes all of the support and information of a one-time consult, but provides a customized, outcomes-based program. This also include bi-weekly check-ins via phone/Skype and email , program adjustments & access to on-going webinars and a private Facebook group. Billed in 3 month increments .

*Limited spots available.  

Quarterly Seminars

Once a quarter, Lisa will host an in-depth  nutrition seminar on key subjects for Shine Yoga Collective. Seminars will be 2 hours, and will include resources, toolkits, and handouts. 

Month-long Nutrition Series

Once a quarter, Lisa will provide a 4-week education series for students of Shine Yoga Collective focused around the basics of nutrition, flexible dieting, eating for weight loss/performance improvement, foundations of fitness etc. This will be separate from the quarterly seminars – providing more in-depth examination, application, and assignments. The series will be structured similar to a college-level course, including supplemental material, homework, and resources. 

Monthly Webinars

 Once a month, Lisa will host 30-60 minute on-going webinar sessions on targeted, pre-determined subjects for all of Shine Yoga Collective clients at no additional charge.