Lisa Desilet, MS  Shine Nutritionist

Lisa Desilet, MS is not your average fitness enthusiast. She made a career out of her passion. As a mom of three, Lisa discovered the benefits of health and fitness first hand after having children. Instead of allowing herself to get lost in motherhood, she began learning about nutrition and exercise.

Lisa holds a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotions, as well as multiple nutrition and disease management certifications. She is a nutrition and supplementation consultant, conducts corporate wellness education, and is a regular contributor to many online health and fitness website.

Lisa understands the disconnection between knowledge and real-life application. For years, she thought she knew what it meant to be “healthy”. It wasn’t until she learned the truth about nutrition and exercise that she finally unlocked her body’s potential. Now having recreated herself, Lisa wants others to experience the same success. Her goal is to bridge this gap by teaching others the fundamentals of nutrition, exercise, and health.  She will give you the foundation on which to build your best body and life.


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