hilary keim, RYT200

Hilary is originally from Seattle, where she was first introduced to yoga in 2002. She began practicing Bikram yoga and for years was devoted to the hot method until 2009 when she became pregnant with her first son. During this time she opened herself to several other styles of yoga, marking a new journey of self discovery and healing. Hilary experienced a profound epiphanic awareness in yoga that initiated new patterns of self-acceptance and brought about more joy in relationships with others.


In 2011 Hilary and her family moved to Boise, which she quickly adopted as her new forever home. She made the studio rounds and took classes from a myriad of different instructors with varying styles and lineages. Hilary developed appreciation for Vinyasa and Yin, which became additions to her expanding home Hatha practice. When her youngest turned five, and the potential for more time to work outside the home became a soon-to-be reality, Hilary jumped at the opportunity to further her formal education and become certified to teach yoga. For Hilary, the asana and alignment are of utmost importance; however, throughout her 200 HR YTT she quickly learned that pranayama, meditation, and spiritual reflection are key to a balanced practice.


Hilary is a UW graduate with a degree in Creative Writing. She spent several years working in restaurants to fund her extensive travels to Africa, Central America, and Europe, and four-year stint in Maui. She believes that all paths have led her to this remarkable point where she has gathered enough life lessons and insight to pore into her study of yoga; she is thrilled to share her unwavering love of the practice, and hopes to assist others in exploring their paths, too.