Yoga Practice: 8 years

Teaching: 2 years

Why I teach?

The short version: Yoga has transformed my life. I teach because I want to share the gift of yoga and the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits it has to offer everyone. My hope is to  empower others and help them transform their own lifes for the better!


My Favorite Pose Right Now:

Wheel and handstand

Why handstand? Because backbends challenge me and I’m forced to be uncomfortable and breathe to stay in the pose. Because it’s a heart opener and it makes me feel vulnerable and exposed (something scary!).  Also because I feel SO GOOD after them.

Why handstand? Because it’s fun and I love inversions!


What I like Best About Living in Boise:

The community and outdoor adventures.


Join Emily at SHINE:

Wednesday's 5:45-7:00 PM POWER Shine