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Boise Yoga, for Boise Friendly Yogis

SHIne Flow - Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa style yoga for all-levels. This class is a calming flow, beginning and ending with focused breathing and meditation. Poses are held for a set number of breathing cycles, allowing us to turn inward and relax into mindfulness.

60 minutes

STRENGTH and Shine

Full body yoga-workout using hand-weights to sculpt your upper-body, while using powerful, repetitive sequencing poses to tone your core muscles and lower-body.  We focus on our breath-work while helping you burn more calories and increase strength to become a more resilient Yogi and Athlete.  The class is challenging but taught to All Levels with modifications for All Abilities for a safe, efficient and effective workout.

60 minutes

SHIne Yin

Slow-paced style of yoga. The postures, though not strenuous, are held for longer periods of time 2-5 minutes. The focus of Yin Yoga is on the connective tissue and the meridians (energetic channels used in acupuncture). This practice is relaxing, refreshing, restores vitality, and is great for athletes or anyone looking to lengthen connective tissues, and reduce stiffness.

60 minutes

SHIne restorative yoga

Safe, nurturing, meditative class to tap into your vital life force flow,  gain awareness through optimal posture alignment, and awaken your spirit.

60 minutes

POWER Shine - warm

Power Shine Vinyasa explores advanced variations of traditional postures, inversions and arm balances.  Class pace can vary from quick sequences to long, deep holds, and includes linking ujjayi/yogic breath to power sequences.  All levels are welcome, but it is recommended yogis have attended at least five Shine Flow classes, or have a consistent vinyasa practice.

Heated to 80-85 degrees | 75 minutes 

Rise - n - shine

A slow flow style class dedicated to waking your body up right!  We start off slow with focus on the breath, build some heat with vinyasa style sequences, and end class with shavasana (corpse) pose, to bring clarity and focus.   A great way to start your day!              60 minutes