Classes at SHINE are ALL LEVELS unless noted

Our teachers always give modifications/options


relaxing/low intensity.  no experience needed.


deep tissue fascia release

YIN Yoga at SHINE is a gentle class that allows you to deepen into stretches and listen to your body.  You will experience 5-6 poses during class and hold each one up to five minutes to increase mobility in your joints and ligaments.  Supportive yoga props like blocks, bolsters, and straps are used to personalize the poses for your body.  Relaxing into YIN postures targets the deep connective tissue and fascia throughout the body, maximizing muscle flexibility and athletic performance. 
60 minutes. 
All Levels
Friday 9:30-10:30 with India.


RESTORATIVE Yoga at SHINE is a safe, nurturing, meditative class that uses supportive props and relaxing poses to help you find your calm.  Life can be pretty hectic....shifting your focus internally and creating stillness brings revitalization and wholeness to your practice and to your daily life.  Join us, and bring peace to your life.

60 minutes & 75 minutes.


Allow your body and mind to release as you journey through a fusion of Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Yin Yoga asks you to go deep into poses and stay for several minutes to access joints and connective tissue promoting healing and mobility.  Restorative Yoga softens the body through the support of props allowing the nervous system to relax and reset.  Leave this class feeling relaxed and nourished.

60 minutes


SHINE's complete practice

Experience three types of yoga in one class.  Beginning with meditation to calm and settle the mind, we’ll move through a 30 minute gentle VINYASA flow followed by some deep, long held and delicious YIN stretches.  Closing out class with a couple RESTORATIVE poses.

75 minutes. 
All Levels
Thursday 5:30-6:30pm with Carrie


 Classes are ALL LEVELS unless noted

Our teachers always give modifications/options to challenge their students

Vinyasa Flow

moderate intensity.  no experience needed.

Vinyasa style yoga for all-levels. This class is a calming flow, beginning and ending with focused breathing and meditation, level of difficulty set by individual teacher.  Poses are held for a set number of breathing cycles, allowing us to turn inward and relax into mindfulness.   This class will build strength, balance and flexibility as you link breathe to movement and flow through a sequence of poses including sun salutations.  Teachers will offer options and modifications to challenge your practice.  No experience needed, but good body awareness is helpful.

All Levels

60 minutes

Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm & Friday 12:00-1:00pm with India

Vinyasa Flow in 45

moderate intensity.  no experience needed.

This 45 minute Vinyasa style yoga class is designed to accommodate your lunch hour!  It includes all the same benefits of our regular one hour  Flow classes, just a little condensed to get your out and on your way!

All Levels

45 minutes
Monday 12:00-12:45 with India.  

Vinyasa Flow - Rise & Shine

low to moderate intensity.  no experience needed.

A slow flow style class dedicated to waking your body up right!  We start off slow with focus on the breath, build some heat with vinyasa style sequences, and end class with shavasana (corpse) pose, to bring clarity and focus.   A great way to start your day!  

All Levels

60 minutes 

Vinyasa Flow - Warm

moderate intensity.  no experience needed.

A moderate vinyasa flow style class connecting breathe to movement and flowing through postures to increase flexibility and focus.  Class pace can vary from quick sequences to long, deep holds, and includes linking ujjayi/yogic breath to power sequences.  

Heated to 80 degrees 

All Levels

60  and 75 minute classes offered
Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm with Courtney.

Vinyasa Flow - Level II

moderate intensity.  some experience recommended.

Vinyasa style yoga for students with experience.  This class will flow at a faster pace with students holding poses longer and exploring more advanced poses that are physically demanding.  Classes are designed to push students towards more difficult poses and test stamina.  Teachers will offer options and modifications to challenge your practice.  

75 minutes