Leaning In.

More than equal pay...ladies its time, Lean in.

I've served on several boards designed to address the issue of equal pay, equal representation,  Each one of those boards has something in common, cattiness.  The moment some woman had to leave due to sick child, or any other family or personal emergency, a significant portion of those remaining in the room would PILE ON, rather than leaning in,  


that my friends, is one of the many reasons we don't have equal pay or representation.  SO, I stopped serving on these boards and asked myself what I could do to change the status quo.


WOmen have physically carried every previous generation,  without this selfless contribution to humanity there would be no next generation, no workforce, no humans, no one.  It's time to stop penalizing women via inequitable pay, even more importantly, its time to stop demoralizing women who choose to have families.  Children are our next generation, the next work force, the next leaders.  THe only way humanity continues is with a new generation.  right now, women are the only way we get that next generation.  its time to lean in rather than talk about how that family emergency de-rails your board meetiNG,  Lean in, and ask the woman experiencing the family emergency how you can help.  


Lean in, stop allowing your meetings to get bogged down with gossip if someone has to abruptly leave.

Lean in.  The future generation isn't some mothers responsibility alone, The next generation impacts us all.

Lean In.  Not only for equal pay, but equal respect, not more, not less, Equal.


So, what did I do? How did I lean?  I saw a need for yoga teachers (predominantly women) to be paid more for a service that is truly priceless, and I opened a yoga studio where I paid teachers twice that of local area gyms (some area gyms/fitness Centers pay as little as $8), and shared profits among all teachers.  As the business makes more money, so do my teachers!  LEAN IN!


Tomorrow, on April 4th, join shine, and all the shine teachers as we lean in together.  APril 4th is national equal pay day, As woman are paid 20% less than men, on average, shine is offering 20% off all packages!  To Learn more about this national movement visit www.leanin.org/equalpay  #20percentcounts #leanin #equalpay

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