Tadasana - Mountain Pose

In Sanskrit, 'tada' means mountain, 'asana' refers to yoga postures or positions.  Tadasana therefore is Mountain Pose.  In this pose you will stand firm, and erect like a mountain. 

This pose may be simple for some, but keeping your mind in the moment, and breath with the movement while practicing is difficult for many.  Breath deeply.  Use this pose not only inyour daily practice, but in moments of stress, or in conversations that demand your attention.


1.  Big toes and heels together.  Weight evenly displaced over your feet. 

2. Engage your thighs and glutes. Hips forward.  Stomach in.  Belly-button pulled towards your spine.

3.  Shoulders rolled back, chest out, palms face forward.  Stretch up out of your waist.  Chin away from chest.  

4.  Take 5 deep ah-ha breaths.  In through the mouth, out through the mouth.  The inhale sounds like ah, the exhale sounds like haaaaaaa.  Try to make each inhale and exhale longer than the breath before.

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