Don't Fear the Yoga!!!

Many yoga students have shared their fear of yoga with me, identifying the most common fear, being compared to "perfect bodies" in the room, fear of "making it through" one class, fear of "doing it wrong".  It takes a lot of courage to share a fear with another person, but the truth is no matter how perfect everyone around us may seem, we're all on our own journey.  Stop being your own worst enemy, stop judging and comparing yourself to others!  You're amazing!  The next time you want to criticize yourself, stop and think about all the tiny processes and messages sent to each muscle and tendon for the pose you're struggling hold.  That in and of itself is quite a journey.  So, give yourself a break, and show up with the body and mind you have today, and work on your poses and hurdles everyday.  Work to strengthen your body, and you'll strengthen the mind.

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